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Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC

In general terms, The Real Estate Savings Center Network is an Online Marketing and Referral Service designed to help Real Estate Consumers locate and compare residential real estate, as well as REALTORS® and other professional Real Estate Service Providers in major Metro areas throughout the Unites States.

As a User of this website, you understand and agree to the following Terms of Service:

  1. You are seriously interested in Buying and/or Selling Residential Real Estate in the United States sometime within the next 12-months.
  2. For the most part, you can remain anonymous while searching and comparing the services and service providers displayed on The Real Estate Savings Center. In certain instances, Users may have the option to fill out a form to request Specific Search Results or Savings Offers.
  3. You cannot copy the content of this website or any of the websites displayed herein in an unlawful way or without permission of the owners of said websites
  4. When visiting other websites linked to The Real Estate Savings Center site, you may be asked to share your personal information with an individual or a company. This is entirely up to you, as these other website are Third Party Websites with their own requirements and Terms of Service.
  5. As Network Members, the REALTORS® and Real Estate Service Providers are independent Third Parties and not employed by The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC

Your Use of Third Party Services displayed on this website:

The content provided by Network Realtors and other Service Providers is their sole responsibility. While The Real Estate Savings Center does pre-qualify Realtors and other Real Estate Service Providers professional Services and Savings Offer, it is not liable for any acts, statements, or omissions made by these Third Parties.

Offers of Real Estate Rebates and MLS Listing Savings

  1. The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC pre-qualifies Network Realtors to ensure they have at least 5-years of local experience and that they offer specific Savings of at least 25% and up to 67% or more to real estate Buyers and Sellers. Other Real Estate Service Providers are pre-qualified to help ensure they promote some type of monetary savings from time to time.
  2. The Real Estate Savings Center Website does not require Users to fill out a form to capture information that can be sold or shared to generate Referral Fees from Realtors. Because Network Realtors pay no referral fees and little or no marketing fees, they can afford to provide the most generous real estate rebates and MLS Listing Savings.
  3. As it is not possible to monitor all Network Member Websites and the various Savings Offers being made at all times, Users should contact The Real Estate Savings Center should they have an issue with a Website’s functionality or with current Savings Offers that may need to be modified or deleted.
  4. Since buying and/or selling a home or other real estate is a process that requires numerous steps to reach a successful closing, The Real Estate Savings Center recommends that our site Users always verify the credentials of any Realtor or Real Estate Service Providers they intend to use, and also consult with a Real Estate Attorney with any real estate related questions.

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