Tennessee Real Estate Savings Centers link you to REALTORS® who provide MLS Listings Fee

Tennessee real estate savingsDiscounts to help you keep more of your equity at closing when selling a home or other Tennessee real estate save. Discount Brokers Can Make Selling a Home Less Costly

Unfortunately, Tennessee is one of 10 states that currently do not allow real estate rebates aka: Agent Commission Splits. The U.S. Department of Justice is trying to get Tennessee to change it law and here is what they have to say:

Tennessee law allows home sellers to choose the services they wish their broker to perform by including a provision allowing them to waive their broker’s performance of certain required minimum services.

In 2007, Tennessee passed a law that would prohibit payment of cash rebates to buyers and sellers of real estate. This law effectively overruled the decision by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission to permit such rebates. Tennessee consumers are thus unable to benefit from rebates that consumers in other states may receive.

However, Tennessee real estate savings may be available in the form or MLS Listing Fee Discounts, FSBO or Flat Fee MLS Services, and Fee for Service Realtor Plans. You should check with a Real Estate Savings Center Realtor Members to see what may be available in your area.

You can remain anonymous while reviewing Tennessee Real Estate Savings plans on the websites of Realtors and other real estate service providers if we can find them in your area of interest. Then whenever you are ready, you can easily request Real Estate Savings Offers from any and all local REALTORS® that we have located and qualified as Members of The Real Estate Savings Center Network.

We activate local Cities, Counties, Parishes, and Boroughs by request, and only after we have located and qualified real estate professionals who we believe can offer you Full Service plus Significant Savings. If can’t locate them, they likely are not available in the area.

If your area is not yet active, you can request the activation of any of the following areas and we will see if we can locate one or more highly rated Realtors who do offer consumers Tennessee Real Estate Savings and a better deal compared to more traditional real estate Agents.

Thank you for activating any of the following Tennessee Real Estate Savings Centers.