Real Estate RebateThe Real Estate Savings Center Network builds, optimizes, markets, and maintains Online, Best Home Search & Savings Centers for Cities throughout the United States. Each Online Savings Center is published for “organic” 1st Page placement on the Major Search Engines to “showcase” and promote the Websites, the Services, and any Promotions being made by our Network Members.

Our system offers Network Memberships to qualified Real Estate Service Providers in the following Service Categories: Custom Home Builders, Mortgage Lenders, Home Inspectors, Closing Service Providers, Residential Appraisers, Remodeling Contractors, Insurance Companies, and Moving Related Businesses. We accept only One Service provider in each Service Category in each City, and all Cities are available on a first reserved basis, as follows:

Request Exclusive Website Showcase Marketing for any One Available City.

Sign Up below to see if your City is available for a $10 Monthly Marketing Fee.

You can reserve Exclusive Website Showcase Marketing for a 2nd available City.

No Cost when you use the "Network Referral Program" Link to refer a Service Provider.

You can reserve Exclusive Website Showcase Marketing for a 3rd City with a 2nd Referral.

There is No Cost when Two qualified Service Provider in the USA Sign Up for Marketing.

You can also reserve Exclusive Website Marketing for a 4th City with a 3rd Referral.
However, if you are not interested in referring any of local Real Estate Service Providers,
you do have the option to pay a $5 monthly Marketing Fee for additional Cities.

Terms & Conditions will follow when you Sign Up for Membership. Thank you!

As a Qualified Service Provider, you start off with a Bronze Level Membership by reserving Exclusive City Website Showcase Marketing for One City as outlined above. 

Additional Cities at Little or No Cost: As a Network Member, you have the option to reserve Exclusive Website Marketing on Two additional Cities at No Cost by using the Network Referral Program link on your local Home Search & Savings Center to refer other Service Providers who sign up for their own Website Showcase Marketing. In lieu of referring others, you have the option to pay a reasonable $5 monthly marketing fee for each additional City. 

Earn Ongoing Income at No Additional Cost – All Network Members have the option to earn a little extra income each month and even hundreds of dollars a year as a Network Affiliate. You can download and place a Graphic or Text Link on your Website, Blog, or Social Media Page. When any qualified Real Estate Service Provider uses your Link to Sign Up for Website Showcase Marketing on any City Home Search & Savings Center in the United States, you earn $5/month. You earn this Ongoing Income for as long as you and your Sign Ups remain Network Members. Plus, as a Network Affiliate, you receive a personal Dashboard so you can track your Sign Ups and Ongoing Income.


Someone will try to contact you within One Business Day to discuss any City you might be interested in. Thank you!