We have found this simple and secure Home Value Estimator to be more accurate than most of the the Zillow “Zestimates” we have seen and, we think that you will also. Plus your personal information comes directly to my desk and will not be shared with anyone unless you direct me to provide it to Realtors that are offering MLS Listing Savings for Home Sellers. Thank you, Jay Rogers, owner of The Real Estates Savings Center.

This system has a database of most homes in the USA. Simply add the address of any home you are interested in below:

This Home Valuation system typically pulls details including square footage from your local Tax Records, and it accounts for recent sales in and around the local neighborhood.

If the home is actually larger than the square footage indicated in the results shown, you may want to use the following price per square foot calculation. It values your lot/land as being approximately 30% of the total estimate of Total Value of the home.

For Example: If the Total Value indicated for a 2400 sq. ft. home including the lot/land it sits on is $360,000 or $150 per sq. foot, then using the estimated lot/land value as 30% would give the Dwelling value alone would be 70% of the $150 per sq. ft or $105 per square foot for any additional sq. feet. Therefore if your home has an additional 400 square footage not shown in the Tax Records you would calculate 400 sq. ft X $105 per sq. foot = $42,000.

So $360,000 for the 2400 sq. ft. home plus the $42,000 for the additional 400 sq. ft. = $402,000. Of course the most accurate way to value your home is to have a Certified Appraiser measure, account for all Upgrades, overall Condition, and Comparable Sales.