Now more than ever, REALTORS® like us must work together to help Consumers with their real estate & relocation needs. We also need competitive advantages for our businesses survive!  

As a Real Estate Broker and the Owner of The Real Estate Savings Center Network, I am doing what I can from home to help other Realtors by offering Exclusive City Website Marketing & Prospect Referrals at No Cost. So, instead of paying me a marketing fee or a referral fee of 20% or more, please use these funds for Home Buyer Rebates and/or MLS Listing Savings for Real Estate Consumers.

If you are willing to do that, I am willing to provide you a Network Marketing & Referral Membership to promote your Services and Savings Offers by building you up to 3 Exclusive City Landing Page(s) at No Cost. Also known as “Home Search & Savings Center Pages”, your Landing Page(s) can provide you with the following Competitive Advantages now and in the future when the Real Estate Market returns to normal, whenever that may be: 

EXCLUSIVE CITY WEBSITE SHOWCASE MARKETING – Our system builds, optimizes, markets, and maintains “Exclusive City Home Search & Savings Center Pages” for only One qualified Realtor in each City. Each Exclusive City Page will “showcase” and promote one Realtor website as the “Best Home Search” site in the City or Cities reserved by the Realtor. Each of these City Landing Pages are optimized and published for “organic” 1st page placement on the Major Search Engines. All Exclusive City Pages are available on a 1st reserved basis as follows:

  • FOR ALL REALTORS® with an ABR, BIC, CRS, ePRO, and/or GRI Designation – You can reserve an Exclusive Landing Page for One City in your County with a population of up to 150,000 people at No Cost. Simply Sign Up Here for our Network Referral Program.

  • FOR REAL ESTATE BROKERS ONLY: You can reserve 3 Cities of Any Size in your County for your Company and your qualified Realtors at no Cost when you Sign Up for the Network Referral Program Here.

Our System is designed to refer Buyer and Seller Prospects to you in Two Ways:

  • EXCLUSIVE CITY PROSPECTS: Real Estate Prospects looking on your Exclusive City Landing Page are directed to your Real Estate Search Website without having to fill out any forms. This way you have a better chance to respond promptly and convert the Prospects into Clients with No Referral Fees to pay.

  • SEMI-EXCLUSIVE COUNTY PROSPECTS: All Realtor Members have the option to receive Semi-Exclusive “Requests for Saving Offers” from real estate Prospects looking to compare Savings Offer anywhere in your County area. These Requests are automatically sent to your Company for only a 5% Referral Fee if they turn into a transaction for you.

  • NATIONWIDE AFFILIATE NETWORK: When you Sign Up for your No Cost Network Membership, you will have the option to help Real Estate Consumers, other Realtors, and Service Providers save time and money in a growing number of Best City Home Search & Savings Center Pages around the United States. We can all download a free “Network Affiliate Sign Up Link” for our Websites, Blogs, or Social Media Pages to help one another locate Professional Service and Savings throughout the USA. 

We can all get through this Pandemic by working together! Please take the First Step with the Network Referral Program Here.

– I will try to contact you within One Business Day to confirm the availability of the City or Cities you are Interested in.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jay Rogers, REALTOR® and Owner of The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC –

QUESTIONS: Contact me daily from 8:00 am until 5:30 pm ET – (843) 849-7587