The Real Estate Savings Center is an Exclusive City Website Marketing & Prospect Referral Network for Full-Service REALTORS® who offer Home Buyer Rebates and/or MLS Home Seller Savings of 20% or more.

Our System Builds, Optimizes, Markets, and Maintains Exclusive Home Search & Savings Center Landing Pages for only One Realtor in each City at Little or No Cost, as follows:

EXCLUSIVE CITY PROSPECT REFERRALS – There are No Referral Fees to pay since Prospects are directed to your Website without having to fill out a form. It is up to you to respond promptly to convert any prospects into moneymaking deals.

EXCLUSIVE CITY WEBSITE SHOWCASE MARKETING – On a First Reserved basis, qualified Realtors can have their website “showcased” as the “Best Home Search” site for up to Three Cities at little or no cost:

  • One City – $10 Monthly Marketing Fee or No Cost with The Network Referral Program (See Below).
  • Two Cities – $15 Monthly or No Cost with the Network Referral Program.
  • Three Cities – $20 Monthly or No Cost with the Network Referral Program.

THE NETWORK REFERRAL PROGRAM: Each Exclusive City Home Search & Savings Center includes a built-in Network Referral Program Link that earns you Ongoing Income. You can direct them to the link or they may just find it on their own. Either way, they can also earn Ongoing Income by signing up for the Network Referral Program.

  • The Network Referral program can offset any monthly marketing fees and make you a nice Ongoing Profit even if you never convert a Prospect we send you into a moneymaking deal.
  • You earn an Ongoing 30% of any Marketing Revenues we receive from any qualified Real Estate Service Providers who use your Program Link to sign up for Website Showcase Marketing on any Best Home Search & Savings Center in the United States.
  • You receive this Ongoing Income for as long as you and your Sign Ups remain Network Members.

When you submit the Short and Secure Form below, it will come directly to my desk. It will not be shared with others and you will not be spammed.

– I will try to contact you within One Business Day to discuss the Benefits of The Real Estate Savings Center and the Best Home Search Network Membership.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jay Rogers, REALTOR® and Owner of The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC –

QUESTIONS: Contact me daily from 8:00 am until 5:30 pm ET – (843) 849-7587



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