The Real Estate Savings Center is designed to save Home Sellers time, effort, and money by offering a choice of Home Selling Solutions

 Home Selling Solutions

  • The REALTORS® at The Real Estate Savings Center Network offer Home Seller Solutions that help ensure Homeowners keep a lot more of their equity when it is time to sell. Most of our Network Realtors are the Owners and/or Brokers of Real Estate Companies that offer the newer, more consumer-focused business models. All of our Network Realtors have at least 5-years of local Home Listing, Marketing, and Selling experience.

  • Your will find our City Home Search & Savings Centers “showcase” one top Local Real Estate Website plus an area where you can Request and Compare Savings Offers from Realtors throughout the entire County, Borough, or Parrish area. Our system offers “Full Service for Less”, and/or “Fee for Service” business models that provide you with more savings than you might find on your own. See what the United States Department has to say about Realtors like these in our Network who are dedicated to Making Home Selling Less Expensive.

  • FULL SERVICE FOR LESS: Comparable to the service you might expect to Full-Service Listing, Marketing, and Selling Realtor but at a lower cost to you. Our Network Realtors are typically at independent Real Estate Companies that do not have to Franchsie Fees or high overhead. This way they are the Decision Makers when it to the Services and the Savings they can offer you.  The pay little or no fees to be Members of  The Real Estate Savings Center,  so they can afford to be more flexible with their fee structure to ensure you can keep a lot more more of your equity at closing.

  • FEE FOR SERVICE: If you are an experienced home seller who is interested in choosing only the services you want for a fee you are willing to pay, you will likely find a professional Realtor in your Metro area offering the flexibility to meet your specific needs with an “A la Carte Menu” of services and fees.

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