Below, you will find some of the benefits Home Buyers receive when using a REALTOR® associated with The Real Estate Savings Center Network.

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  • Professional Representation – The Realtors you will find on our Exclusive Home Search & Savings Center pages are much more than Real Estate Agents. They are typically Accredited Buyer Representative, Certified Residential Specialists, ePRO Real Estate Professionals, and/or a Graduate of REALTOR Institute. Our Network Realtors are dedicated to working as your Real Estate Advocate while providing you with Professional, Full Service plus Savings in locating and purchasing the property that best suits your specific needs. 

  • Substantial Savings As a potential home buyer, you likely already know it is the Seller that normally pays your Buyer’s Agent through the Commission offered in the local Realtors’ MLS system. There is no additional cost for your professional buyer representation. Working as your Real Estate Advocate, your Buyer’s Agent can typically save you about 3% more than if you were to go through the Seller’s Agent without professional representation. Plus some of our Network Agents provide Home Buyer Rebates, also known as Agent Commission Splits. These Real Estate Rebates are legal and available in 40-states, and the IRS considers such Commission Splits to be adjustments to the purchase price and therefore non-taxable income to you. (The Real Estate Savings Center is not a Tax Adviser so it is best for you to check with your CPA or a qualified Tax Attorney about Home Buyer Rebates in the 40-states where they are legal. Unfortunately,  Rebates are currently not legal or available in Alaska, Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Oregon, & Tennessee).

  • Ongoing Income for You – As a Real Estate Consumer, you also have the option to earn a little Ongoing Income. When you visit any of our Home Search & Savings Centers, you can Sign Up for the “Network Referral Program” at No Cost.  It only takes a minute to do so, and you can download a free Network Affiliate Sign Up Link for your Website, Blog, or Social Media. From that point on, anytime a qualified Real Estate Service Provider anywhere in the United States uses your link to Sign Up for Exclusive Website Showcase Marketing on a Home Search & Savings Center, our system automatically pays you an ongoing 50% of any Marketing Revenues we receive from your Sign Ups. You receive this Ongoing Income for as long as you and your Service Provider Sign Ups remain Network Affiliates.

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