Here are some of the benefits Home Buyers receive when using REALTORS® associated with The Real Estate Savings Center Network.

home buying

  • The Real Estate Savings Center is pleased to introduce you to some of the top Buyer Brokers and Accredited Buyer Representatives in the United States. We take the time necessary to qualify and invite only the REALTORS  that offer you Professional Full Service plus the Substantial Savings that can create the overall best deal on the home of your choice.

  • As a potential home buyer, you likely already know the Seller pays the MLS Fee for your Buyer’s Broker or Buyer’s Agent. Our Network Realtor give you at least 20% and up to 67% of that MLS Fee to you at closing in the form of a Home Buyer Rebate in the 40-States where they are available. Real Estate Rebates are currently not available in Alaska, Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Oregon, & Tennessee.

  • Your Real Estate Rebate is typically offered as a Credit at Closing and shown on you Closing Statement. The IRS considers such Home Buyer Rebate credits to be adjustments to the purchase price and therefore non-taxable income to you as a Home Buyer. With that said, The Real Estate Savings Center is not a Tax Adviser so it is best for you to check with your CPA or a qualified Tax Attorney about your personal tax situation.

  • Our system “showcases” only one top Realtor’s Website on each Exclusive City Home Search & Savings Center we create. However each Search & Savings Center also Real Estate Savings feature to let Consumers Request and Compare Home Buyer Rebates and MLS Listing Savings being made by all participating Realtors in the entire County, Borough, or Parrish area.

    To receive Home Buyer Rebate offers in your area of interest, you can complete the short form below. ate top Buyer Brokers and Buyer Agents for you as long as it is a Major City area.

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