The Benefits of Home Buyer Rebates

home buyer rebatesAs a Home Buyer, you can remain anonymous while searching The Real Estate Savings Center for homes and professional real estate service providers in your hometown or your destination city. Plus, you have the option to request Home Buyer Rebates from Members of The Real Estate Savings Center and the Best Home Search Networks.

Home Buyer Rebates, also referred to as Real Estate Rebates and Agent Commission Splits, are currently available in all states with the exception of AK, AL, IA, KS, LA, MS, MO, OK, OR & TN. Our Network highly-rated Realtors have gone the extra mile to become Real Estate Brokers, Broker-Associates, Accredited Buyer Representatives, tech-savvy ePro Real Estate Professionals, Graduates of Realtor Institute, and/or Certified Residential Specialists. They can save Home Buyers a lot of time and money.Click Here to see what the United States Department of Justice has to say about Real Estate Rebates.




What is a Home Buyer Rebate and Who Pays for It? – The price you pay for the home you choose will typically include Commission Fees for both the Seller’s Agent (Listing Fee) and the Buyer’s Agent (MLS Commission Offer). It can be argued that the Seller pays the fees or the Buyer pays the fees for bringing the money to the closing table. Either way, a Home Buyer Rebate is money given back to the Buyer by the Buyer’s Agent out of the MLS Commission Fee they earn when the transaction is completed.

Do Rebates have to be disclosed to all parties including the Mortgage Lender? – To avoid a “mortgage fraud situation”, the buyer needs to share the amount of the Rebate with their Lender when providing a copy of the Contract to Buy. This allows the rebate to be applied as a credit toward buyer closing costs, pre-paids, and in some cases to a Mortgage Rate Buy-Down. While a Home Buyer Rebate is not a condition to the contract, it should be noted the Seller, the Seller’s Agent, the Mortgage Lender, the Appraiser, the Loan Underwriter, and Closing Service Provider are all aware of the home buyer rebate so it is applied at the closing of  the transaction.

How do I receive my Rebate and is it considered Taxable Income? – According to HUD, real estate Brokers may rebate a portion of their company’s commission to the Buyer in a real estate transaction. The rebate must be listed as a credit on page 1 of the HUD-1 in Lines 204-209 and the name of the party giving the credit must be identified.  Importantly, the IRS has stated they consider Rebates to be a reduction to the purchase price and therefore non-taxable income to the Buyer.

Are Home Buyer Rebates available on New Home Construction, as well as Resale Homes? – Yes! Most if not all of the Realtors featured at The Real Estate Savings Center will Rebate 20% to 50% of their commission to any residential real estate and 50% to 67% on new homes, New Homes normally require less negotiating, troubleshooting, home inspections, and repair addenda, etc. Importantly, if your Realtor is not with you, it is normal for New Home Builders to require you register you Realtors name and company with them.

What Realtors provide both Full Service and the Greatest Home Buyer Rebates? – Beware of any Real Estate Agent that says you can’t have both Full Service and Substantial Savings. Today, there are a number of relatively new “Consumer Focused & Value Oriented” Real Estate Business Models that have been empowered by the Internet. The Real Estate Savings Center at is dedicated to making it easier for you to find the Realtors who do offer you both the Professional Services your want and the Savings you deserve because of new technologies. Our Network Realtors do not have to pay us any Marketing Fees or Referral Fees so they can afford to offer you both Full Service and the Greatest Home Buyer Rebates in the industry.

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