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Arkansas home buyer rebate
A great Arkansas Real Estate Rebate on Residential Properties – Also known as an Agent Commission Splits, Real Estate Rebates are now being offered by a growing number of top Realtors at Independent Companies, as well as some at the large Franchise Company Realtors. Read More…

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A Substantial Arkansas Home Buyer Rebate or New Home Rebate – You will enjoy substantial savA Home Buyer Rebate offers significant savings because an Arkansas Home Buyer Rebate means you will need to bring less money to the closing table. Plus the IRS has indicated that home buyer rebates are considered an adjustment in the price paid for the property, and therefore not taxable. Read More…

Arkansas MLS Listing Services
Big Savings with our Arkansas MLS Listing Services – You will find our highly rated Real Estate Brokers and Agents offer flexible and cost-effective home selling solutions including Flat Fee MLS and “Full Service for Less”.  The Arkansas Realtors in out Network are dedicated to seeing you keep a lot more of your equity when selling. Read More…

You will find that most of the Arkansas Realtors associated with The Real Estate Savings Center are actually the Owners and/or Brokers of their own real estate companies. They are the decision makers who can match you to the Professional, Flexible, and Cost Effective Real Estate Rebate and Arkansas MLS Listing Services that best suit your specific needs.

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