Alabama real estate savingsAlabama Real Estate Savings Centers link you to REALTORS® who provide MLS Listings Fee Discounts to help you keep more of your equity at closing when selling a home or other Alabama real estate. Discount Brokers Can Make Selling a Home Less Costly.

Unfortunately, Alabama is one of 10 states that currently do not allow real estate rebates aka: Agent Commission Splits. The U.S. Department of Justice is trying to get Alaska to change it’s law.

The Real Estate Savings Center serves or plans to serve the following areas:


Alabama law requires real estate brokers to perform a host of services for consumers, including accepting and presenting offers and counteroffers, as well as answering their clients’ questions, in every transaction involving an agreement to list an owner’s property for sale. Brokers must perform these services whether consumers want them or not. Brokers cannot offer and consumers cannot purchase MLS-listing-only and other à la carte services.

Alabama law also prohibits brokers from offering consumers rebates. In practice, the Alabama Real Estate Commission permits rebates before closing (ask your Savings Center REALTOR if they offer a Credit toward Buyer Closing Costs) but Alabama forbids cash payments or other incentives offered after closing

At the Alabama Real Estate Savings Centers, you can remain anonymous while reviewing Alabama Real Estate Savings plans on the websites of Realtors and other real estate service providers if we can find them in your area of interest. Then whenever you are ready, you can easily request Real Estate Savings Offers from any and all local REALTORS® that we have located and qualified as Members of The Real Estate Savings Center Network.

We activate local Cities, Counties, Parishes, and Boroughs by request and only after we have located and qualified real estate professionals who we believe can offer you Full Service plus Significant Savings. If can’t locate them, they likely are not available in the area.

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