About Us

Information about The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC:

In 1994, I was a newly licensed Realtor about the time the Internet started to change the Real Estate Industry. I could see the Internet would have a big impact on the old, traditional one-fee-fits-all business model. I planned to own a Real Estate Company one day.

In South Carolina, an Agent has to practice real estate for at least 4-years before they can take their exam for a real estate Broker’s License.¬† So after spending four years with several other real estate companies to learn their operations, I finally opened my Company, Charleston Homes For Sale Realty in Mt. Pleasant, SC in 1998.

Today, after 20-years as the Owner and Broker of a real estate company that provides consumer with Professional Services and Substantial Savings, I have officially opened The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC. We are a nationwide network of newer real estate business models that offer consumers a Better Deal when it come to buying and selling residential real estate.

Going, going gone, are the days of the old traditional “one-fee-fits-all” real estate business model. Today you can use The Real Estate Savings Center to find both Professional Services and Substantial Savings in your hometown or your destination city.

Thank you for visiting, and contact me if you have any real estate questions.

Jay Rogers, Real Estate Broker & Consultant