Information about The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC:

In 1998, REALTOR®, Jay Rogers envisioned some of the ways the Internet was going to change the Real Estate Industry. He then launched Charleston Homes For Sale Realty Company to utilize the powers of the Internet to provide real estate consumers with faster and more cost-effective ways to locate, buy, and sell residential real estate. Today, with more than 20-years as the Broker and Owner of Charleston Homes For Sale Realty, Jay is also the founder of The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC. It is a growing, Nationwide Network of highly-rated  Real Estate Brokers and Buyer Agents with non-traditional business models designed to save real estate consumers time, effort, and money. With more than 90 Online Savings Centers already open for real estate consumers in the 40-States where real estate rebates are legal, Jay is providing No Cost/Low Cost Memberships for Realtors that offer Full Service plus Substantial  Savings for Real Estate Consumers. If you are such a Realtor, check out the “REALTORS” Tab above.

The goal of The Real Estate Savings Center is to match Real Estate Consumers to Realtors with Internet powered business models that provide “Home Buyer Rebates” to help make home buying less expensive and “MLS Home Listing & Selling Solutions” that make selling a home more affordable. Please view the BUYER  and/or SELLER Tabs above.