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  • You Can Remain Anonymous At The Real Estate Savings Center, you do not have to fill out a form to receive direct access to helpful Real Estate Savings information including Home Search Results. It is up to you if you want to share any personal info or Request Savings Offers from any of the real estate service professionals you may find of interest in our Nationwide Network.

  • The Best Real Estate Agent for You? – You have likely heard 3rd Parties on TV claim they can match you to the “Best Agents”. Please be aware that some companies collect your personal information and sell it to Agents willing to pay them a 15% to 35% “referral fee”. In turn these Agents likely have to charge you higher fees, and that is probably not the best Agent for you. It is your money and our Realtors will show you how to keep a lot more of it at the closing of your transaction.

  • Accredited Buyer Representation Plus Substantial Savings The Realtors at The Real Estate Savings Center are Accredited Buyer Representatives and/or the Brokers their own real estate companies. They are the decision makers who can offer you great “home buyer rebates” in the 40-states where legal. We think you will find our Network Realtors are the Best Agent choice.

  • Home Seller Solutions with Savings It’s your home equity, and our Realtors can ensure you keep more of it at closing. Today, there are a number of real estate business models that that save homeowners, effort, time, and money when selling residential real estate. Our Network Realtors offer the most professional and cost-effective selling solutions across the county. They are Graduates of Realtor Institute (GRI), Certified Residential Specialists (CRS), and/or ePRO Real Estate Professionals.

  • Network Referral Program – As a Real Estate Consumer, you have the option to earn Ongoing Income in addition to realizing substantial savings. At The Real Estate Savings Center, we invite you to refer your favorite Real Estate Service Providers for our Exclusive Website Showcase Marketing opportunity. Get all the details by selecting the “Network Referral Program” link on any “Best Home Search & Savings Center”.

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Best Home SearchThere are thousands of good Real Estate Search Websites to choose from in the United States. We think The Real Estate Savings Center is one of the best because we have teamed up with Together we offer the unbeatable combination of National, Local, and New Home Community databases. Plus we offer Real Estate Rebates for Buyers and MLS Listing Savings for Sellers.

Best Home Search is now available in 100+ Metro Areas including 90+ where Real Estate Rebates are legal.

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Real Estate Rebates – The United States Department of Justice says Real Estate Rebates make Buying a Home Less Expensive. It’s your money, and here are some thoughts on how you can keep a lot more of it at closing.   The TRUTH about Real Estate Rebate Offers.    First Time Home Buyer Help.

A Real Estate Rebate, aka an Agent Commission Split is now available in 40 of the United States so about 88% of the population. The Non-Rebate States are AK, AL, IA, KS, LA, MS, MO, OK, OR, and TN

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MLS Listing SavingsWhile the U.S. Department of Justice says “Discount Brokers” can make Selling a Home Less Costly, you do not have to accept “discounted” services.

There are a number of newer Real Estate Business Models that can Save Home Sellers Thousands of dollars in Commissions while offering them the specific level of service they want and/or need. For example:

  • “Full Service For Less” – The Internet has truly empowered the real estate industry. Some “traditional” real estate Agents may still say you can’t have both Full Service and Substantial Savings. However our Network Realtors disagree. You can compare and request what our Realtors have to offer by selecting the “Real Estate Savings” link on you local “Home Search & Savings Center”.

  • “Fee For Service” – So maybe you don’t need Full Service and you prefer to choose from a “Menu of Services & Fees. Some of the Realtors at The Real Estate Savings Center may also offer you a flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Check out the “Real Estate Savings” link on your local “Home Search & Savings Center”.