Real Estate Savings with a Home Buyer Rebate & MLS Listing Services

Real Estate Savings

Real Estate Savings

Real Estate Savings with a Real Estate Rebate, also known as an Agent Commission Split, are now being offered by a growing number of top Realtors at Independent Companies, as well as some Realtors at large Franchise Real Estate Companies across the United States. As a Real Estate Buyer, you can view and request real estate rebates and new home rebates in the 40 states below where they are legal and available. If we do not yet have an Online Saving Center activated in your Metro area, you can request it and we can add it promptly.

The Realtor Members of The Real Estate Savings Center Network offer what we think you will find to be the most generous real estate rebates in the 40 United States where they are legal and currently available.

Importantly, the Realtors in each of these 40 states pay The Real Estate Savings Center little or no referral fees, so they can afford to be very generous in the Agent Commission Splits in your hometown or your destination city.

You can find Online Savings Centers opening in Major Cities to serve entire County areas in all U.S. states. However, a real estate rebate or home buyer rebate is still not allowed in these 10 U.S. states: Alaska, Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Oregon, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC

This is your home for a great real estate rebate, a terrific home buyer rebate, and substantial savings on MLS Listing Services. It is your money why wouldn’t you want to keep more of it at closing? Perhaps you already have a Realtor you like and trust, and that’s great. Perhaps they already are willing to provide you with a nice real estate rebate, and that is even better. If you find it awkward to ask for a rebate from any Realtor you want to use, we can do that for you at no cost. We will offer them a free Membership in our nationwide network, and we think they will thank you for it! See what the United States Department of Justice has to say about Real Estate Rebates from Buyer Brokers like those in our nationwide network.

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