Home Buying BenefitsHome Buying Benefits and Smart Home Buying Using Today’s Technology

The Real Estate Savings Center is pleased to introduce you to some of the most flexible and generous Realtors in the United States.  Most of our Realtor Members are the Owners and/or Brokers of their own Real Estate Companies. As Owners and Brokers they are the decision makers when it come to offering you a greatest value in Full Service Real Estate Buying and Selling Solutions.

Our Realtor Members understand you are saving them time by doing some of your own online searching and real estate research when it comes to locating and buying your home or other real estate. The Realtors at The Real Estate Savings Center appreciate your efforts and the time, and money you are savings them  by doing some of your own “homework”. To show their appreciation for your efforts,  our Buyer Brokers and Accredited Buyer Representatives are pleased to provide you with a substantial Home Buyer Rebate,  inaddition to working as your advocate to help you negotiate for the best price and the best terms on the home of your choice.

See what the U.S. Department of Justice has to say about Buyer Brokers and Agents like many of those in our Network who can help you make buying a home less expensive.

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Availability for Home Buying Benefits and Buyer Rebates

Home Buyer Rebates otherwise known as Agent Commission Splits are currently available in 40 of the United States. Your Real Estate Rebates is typically offered as a Credit at Closing and shown on you Closing Statement. Since your Credit is documented at closing is it typically considered part of your real estate transaction and Tax Free. However, The Real Estate Savings Center is not a Tax advisor so it is best for you to check with your CPA or a qualified Tax Attorney.

READ MORE about the Home Buyer Benefits including the financial benefits you can enjoy when selecting  a highly qualified Buyer Broker or one of their Accredited Buyer Representatives at The Real Estate Savings Center Network

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