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A Real Estate Rebate or New Home Rebate is now legal and available in any of 40 States

Substantial MLS Listing Discounts and other Real Estate Savings are available in all 50

A REAL ESTATE REBATE = LESS EXPENSIVE HOME BUYING: It is your money, and The Real Estate Savings Center introduces you to the Buyer Brokers and the highly qualified Buyer Agents at Real Estate Companies that not only can save you time and money working as you advocate, but also who have the real estate business models that provide you additional savings in the form of a Real Estate Rebate (aka: Agent Commission Split or Credit at Closing). See what the United States Department of Justice has to say about how Real Estate Rebates can help make Home Buying less expensive. Our Rebates are typically more generous.

  • IMPORTANT – Unlike other real estate search sites, The Real Estate Savings Center (TheRESC.com) doesn’t try to capture your name to send it to any Agent that is willing to pay us a referral fee. Our Realtors don’t have to pay referral fees or high monthly marketing fees, so they can offer you the highest rebates and lowest MLS Listing Fees in the Real Estate Industry. Our Network Members are typically the Owners and Brokers for their own companies, and they know how to work as your advocate to help you negotiate the very best overall deal on the property of your chocie plus they ensure that you receive a great real rebate at closing.

MLS LISTING SAVINGS = MORE AFFORDABLE HOME SELLING: It is your equity, and The Real Estate Savings Center introduces you to highly qualified Home Selling Specialists who offer you some of the most flexible and cost-effective home selling options you will find in the United States. There are a number of “less costly” Real Estate Brokerage Services and here is an outline by the United States Department of Justice to give you an overview of at least one of them. Our MLS Savings is typically higher.

  • IMPORTANT – The Full Service Realtors® at The Real Estate Savings Center don’t have to discount their services in order to lower their fees. Most of them are Independent Real Estate Company Owners and Brokers who do not have to pay High Franchise Fees and they know how to use technology to get your property sold within your time frame and for top dollar. Or Network Realtors are dedicated to offering you the Services and Savings Solutions to meet your specific needs.

AN EVEN BETTER DEAL FOR BUYERS & SELLERS: The Real Estate Savings Center also seeks out, qualifies, and invites top rated House Builders, Mortgage Lenders, Home Inspectors, and Closing Service Providers to become part of The Real Estate Savings Center Network. We are constantly adding their Websites, and any of their Savings Promotions to the Online Real Estate Savings Centers we are setting up to serve real estate consumers looking anywhere in the 100 to 200 major metro areas across the United States.

  • IMPORTANT If there is not an Online Real Estate Savings Center set up to serve your Metro Area, please CLICK HERE and we will set one up for you and activate it within 2 business days. Thank you for your consideration! Jay Rogers, Realtor® and Owner of The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC – Jay@TheRESC.com or 843-849-7587

real estate rebate

HOME BUYER REBATES The Real Estate Savings Center features Accredited and/or Certified Buyer Representatives who provide “Saving Offers” in your area. You can compare Real Estate Commission Splits otherwise known as Real Estate Rebates or Credits at Closing. Such Savings Offers now legal and available from Top Rated Realtors in at least 40-States nationwide.

real estate savings

HOME SELLER SAVINGS You can also request and compare “Savings Offers” for flexible and cost-effective home selling programs. The Real Estate Selling Specialists with the Real Estate Savings Center offer you some great deals. You can deal directly with the Owners and decision makers of local Companies. There is no cost and no obligation to request Savings Offers in your area of interest.

best home search

JUST LOOKING? Great!  Check out our Best Home Search Options page. You will enjoy easy access to more MLS Listings than you will find on Zillow and other home search websites. You can also use the Website Showcase on each Online Savings Center page to check out local House Builders, Mortgage Lenders, Home Inspectors & Closing Service Providers in the area.

real estate rebates

QUESTIONS?  We currently set up Real Estate Rebate & Savings Centers for the largest Metro areas in the United States. If we are not yet in your area, you can CONTACT US and we will do our best to add it promptly for you and your family.

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MEMBER SIGN UP: The Real Estate Rebate & Savings Center provides unique Website Marketing & Referral Opportunities to qualified Real Estate Brokers across the United States, as well as House Builders, Mortgage Lenders, Home Inspectors, & Closing Service Companies  You can get the details from the Realtor or Service Provider tabs the top of this page.

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